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Gyno exam as it is

Once you are in the examination room, you will be given a gown and sheet to cover your torso. The doctor will ask general questions about your health and then do a brief external physical exam. The doctor will examine your breasts for any lumps or any pain, then teach you how to do a monthly self-exam. Before beginning the pelvic exam, you will be asked to lie down and place each foot in a foot holders, called stirrups, at the end of the table. It helps to relax your knees and pelvic muscles to facilitate the exam. In the beginning of the pelvic exam, the doctor will examine the external parts of the vagina, checking for any abnormalities in the skin. He should then inform you when he is ready to perform the internal exam. A speculum - a plastic or metal tube-shaped instrument that opens slightly once inserted - is gently inserted into the vagina. The doctor will inform you before he opens the speculum to better visualize your cervix.
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